Computer Architecture, Software and Business Methods
The Computer Architecture, Software and Business Methods Group includes patent attorneys and agents with advanced technical degrees, as well as business and legal experience in many technical areas, such as:
  • Digital Systems, including ASIC and FPGA Design
  • Systems Software
  • Networks
  • Cryptography
  • Database Systems
  • Data Mining¬†
As custom computer circuitry has become easier to design, the boundaries between software and hardware have become blurred.  Strong patent applications in this area require experience in both fields.  Evolving case law requires that professionals drafting business method patent applications also need a strong foundation in hardware and software as well as in patent law to describe the methods in a manner that meet the legal requirements both in the United States and abroad while avoiding unnecessary limitations.
The RatnerPrestia attorneys in the Computer Architecture, Software and Business Method Group have experience in obtaining effective patent protection around the world and in protecting inventions that originate in other countries.  This is especially important for software and business method inventions as different countries have different requirements.  We have identified associates in developed and developing countries around the world and have learned their procedures so that we can work with them effectively to protect our client’s inventions.
Our research and business backgrounds, as well as our experience in patent prosecution enables us to work with our clients on the strategic use of their intellectual property in the computer hardware, software and business method fields, and to guide them through the risk assessments, risk avoidance, due diligence studies, advocacy and negotiations required for business transactions and litigation in these fields.
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