IP Business
RatnerPrestia understands that intellectual property rights are valuable assets to business organizations.  Very often, intellectual property is at the heart of an organization and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  For example, a trademark related to a corporate brand or product name can gain strong recognition in the marketplace and offer one business a stronger customer affinity than another business.  Similarly, patents can signal to the market technical superiority of one product over another and garner not only competitive exclusivity but also industry and customer recognition.  It is thus important to understand your intellectual property rights and leverage them to maximize your business goals.
The business of IP often involves playing both offense and defense.  It is thus important to develop and execute a strong IP strategy while also managing risk associated with a competitive marketplace.  RatnerPrestia has strong expertise in client counseling from both an offensive and defensive perspective.  Maximizing the value of IP assets also results from leveraging your rights according to your corporate strategy.  This strategy may include licensing in to your IP portfolio, to strengthen your market position, or out to others, to increase the market saturation of your technology.  In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, your IP and business strategy should also include enforcing your rights when necessary.  Your enforcement options may include litigation and dispute resolution.  RatnerPrestia can assist you in all areas of IP strategy, transactions, and enforcement.
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