Mechanical and Physical Science
The Mechanical and Physical Sciences Group includes professionals with a spectrum of technical backgrounds and industry experience. Our Group members have earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields ranging from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Acoustics, for example.  Our Group members also benefit from professional experience in those fields. 
When comprehensive patent protection is of commercial value to RatnerPrestia's clients, we prepare utility and design patent applications thoughtfully for favorable prosecution before patent offices around the world.  We have extensive experience in all phases of domestic and foreign patent prosecution, including, for example, appeals to the U.S. Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and reexamination and reissue proceedings.  When protection is of value in foreign jurisdictions, we coordinate the filing and prosecution of patent applications in other countries through our network of foreign associates.  
We draft all of our patent applications with a view toward securing effective protection for the valuable innovations of RatnerPrestia's clients.  Such valuable innovations for which we have secured protection range from adorned consumer products to complex optical and electro-mechanical systems. 
In addition to patent prosecution, our Group has many years of experience preparing opinions assessing validity and infringement in a wide range of contexts, including assessment of intellectual property due diligence prior to a transaction.  We have provided advice to help clients assess the inherent risks in developing and marketing new products and processes, and avoid liability or enhanced liability in patent infringement suits.  In addition, we help clients expand and promote their businesses by coordinating landscape searches and conducting analyses of patents covering specific technologies.  
Our technical and legal acumen enables us to work with our clients on the strategic use of their intellectual property and to guide them through the risk assessments, risk avoidance, due diligence studies, advocacy, and negotiations required for business transactions and litigation.  
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