Pharmaceutical Chemistry
RatnerPrestia works closely with clients in the pharmaceutical industry to provide the counseling and support they need to both protect their own innovations and to guard against encroachment of third party intellectual property rights.  The professionals within RatnerPrestia’s BioChemPharma Practice Group have education, training, and experience in such diverse areas as chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry), biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, agricultural chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutical science, chemical engineering, and materials science.  Group members have university and industry experience in research and development, business operations, and legal departments in the pharmaceutical field.  This considerable breadth of education and experience provides us with the acumen to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients in this specialized industry.
We have extensive experience in all phases of domestic and foreign patent prosecution, including, for example, domestic applications, appeals to the U.S. Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and reexamination and reissue proceedings.  The related technical fields in which we have prosecuted patent applications include: organic synthesis and purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), delivery systems for APIs, pharmaceutical formulations, small molecule therapeutics, excipient preparation and processing, and devices for administering medication.
Our Group also has many years of experience preparing opinions assessing validity and infringement in a wide range of contexts, including assessment of intellectual property due diligence prior to a transaction.  We have provided advice to help clients assess the inherent risks in developing and marketing new pharmaceutical and related products and processes and avoid liability or enhanced liability in patent infringement suits.  In addition, we help clients expand and promote their businesses by coordinating landscape searches and conducting analyses of patents covering specific technologies in the pharmaceutical arts.
RatnerPrestia’s clients operating in the pharmaceutical area include public and start-up companies, innovator and generic companies, API manufacturers and formulation companies specializing in drug delivery technology, and universities developing technologies in the pharmaceutical field. 
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