Recently Issued RP Patents
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Interactive user interface functionality for lighting devices or system
Method and system for compensating for a time discrepancy
Electrical motor for a submersible machine 
In-line pseudoelliptic TE.sub.01( mode dielectric resonator filters 
System and method for characterizing polarimetric response of a remote sensing instrument 
Thermal conductivity and phase transition heat transfer mechanism including optical element to be cooled by heat transfer of the mechanism
Cryostat with PTR cooling and two stage sample holder thermalization 
Compound of camptothecin and preparation and use thereof 
Method for preparing alkali metal sulphide 
Packing structure including a large carton and smaller cartons contained therein 
Braking device having a device spring 
Heel retainer with auxiliary lever
Readjustable polyaxial pedicle screw 
Vacuum cleaner 
Method and systems for decentralized interference management in a multi-antenna wireless communication system 
Semiconductor disk laser for nonlinear microscopy applications in living organisms 
System and method for measuring and reducing vehicle fuel waste
Method for producing 1,3-butadiene and/or 3-buten-2-ol 
Master cylinder, in particular for a controlled brake system
Electrohydraulic pressure control device for vehicle brake systems 
U.S. 9,451,844
Device for directly obtaining juice from fruit 
Rear bumper unit for motor vehicle
Front bumper unit for motor vehicle 
Submersible pump
Lighting source using solid state emitter and phosphor materials
Filling device of a fluid system 
Nanoceria with citric acid additive 
Spheroids and multiparticulate tablets comprising them
Microencapsulation of bioactive substances and methods of making the same 
Trunk hatch for motor vehicle
Self-identifying one-way authentication method using optical signals 
Method for manufacturing dispersion liquid of carbon nanotube aggregates 
Vision-based system for dynamic weather detection 
Plasmon sensor and manufacturing method therefor, and method for inserting sample into plasmon sensor 
Thawing vessel for biological products 
Fastening device for fixing a cable 
Electromagnetic valve 
Structure for reducing noise of ventilating fan 
Two plasmid mammalian expression system 
Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition, production method of the same and molded product 
Aircraft brake assembly 
Spot welding system including spot welding gun 
Blood purification machine comprising heated fluid circuit 
Headlight for a motor vehicle 
Taillight for a motor vehicle 
Automobile tire tread 
Radiation hardened chip level integrated recovery apparatus, methods, and integrated circuits 
System, transmitting device, receiving device, and method for the wireless control of an RC model
Motor control system, motor control device, brushless motor, and motor control method 
Automated pelletized sample decanting apparatus and methods 
Angular velocity sensor 
Air spring strut 
Air blowing device
Starter arrangement 
Cementitious exterior sheathing product having improved interlaminar bond strength 
Method and device for preventing a stationary vehicle from rolling away
Building panel having a foam backed fiber cement substrate 
Nanoparticles of a metal and a biguanide 
Keyless remote for motor vehicle 
Lid element and housing device for using the lid element 
Use of very high frequency switching power converters for also modulating light output from solid state emitter to communicate data 
Method of reducing a total computation capacity that needs to be kept, vehicle-to-X communication apparatus and use of the vehicle-to-X communication apparatus 
Apparatus and method for measuring total air temperature within an airflow 
Water heater having a down fired combustion assembly 
Air spring module 
Piston pump and device for feeding and metering a fluid for medical purposes by means of a piston pump 
Fruit and vegetable preservative 
Wheel for a motor vehicle 
Side view mirror for motor vehicle
Sheet of material with surface pattern 
Method for forming electrical connection structure part, method for producing aluminum wire with terminal, electrical connection structure part, motor provided with electrical connection structure part, and electrical device provided with motor provided with electrical connection structure part, aluminum wire with terminal, motor provided with aluminum wire with terminal, and electrical device provided with motor provided with aluminum wire with terminal 
Apparatus and apparatus control method for the quantitative concentration determination of selected substances filtered out of a patient's body in a fluid 
Piezoelectric driven oscillating surface 
Refrigerant compressor 
Copolyesterimides derived from N,N'-bis-(hydroxyalkyl)-3,3',4,4' diphenylsulfonetetracarboxylic diimide and films made therefrom 
Device for cutting plastic products provided in a continuous plastic band for use in the medical sector 
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method using the same technical field 
Protein-acrylate copolymer and hair conditioning product comprising said polymer 
System for anchoring a pedicle screw, associated kit, spacer and pedicle augmentation 
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